Painting Parties: Plaster Painting & Canvas Painting

I am offering two different kinds of creative painting parties for the children. You can choose either one of them or we may be able to combine them for your celebration.

Plaster Painting: I will bring a variety of plaster shapes based on various themes such as underwater animals, dinosaurs, flowers, butterflies and seasonal etc. After a brief demonstration children can choose any plaster shape they like and start painting using acrylic colours. Plaster painting will be more suited for the younger children and you can also combine this with Sand Art activity to double the fun.

Canvas Painting: I will show children step by step how to draw a planned activity and use acrylic for painting. Every child will have their own canvas pad, easel, paint pallet and brush set for painting to make them feel like a real artist.

Required art material will be provided by us to use during activity.Children will keep their artwork.