Kid's Party

Painting Parties

I offer Plaster Painting and Canvas Painting parties.

Plaster Painting Parties

I will bring a variety of plaster shapes based on various themes such as underwater animals, dinosaurs, flowers, butterflies and seasonal etc. After a brief demonstration children will select any plaster shape they like and start painting using acrylic colours.

Plaster painting will be more suited for the younger children and you can also combine this with Sand Art activity to double the fun.

What happens on the day:

  • I will arrive with the variety of Plaster shapes, acrylic paint and paint brushes on various themes to have 2 hours Plaster Painting Party.

  • Children will select any Plaster shape they like.

  • Children will start painting their selected Plaster shape using acrylic paint.

  • While booking please let me know if you have a specific theme for the Party I will bring Plaster shapes related to your Party theme.

  • Coloured Plaster shape will be a wonderful return gift children get to take home.

Bee Happy

Canvas Painting Parties

Children learn step by step how to draw a planned activity and use acrylic paint for painting.

Every child will have their own canvas panel, easel, paint pallet and brush set for painting to make them feel like a real artist.

Required art material will be provided by us to use during activity.

Children will keep their artwork.

What happens on the day:

  • I will arrive with all the necessary equipment Canvas Panels (25.4 cm x 30.5 cm ), Easels & Paint brushed for every child.

  • I will also bring my projector and projector screen to make it easier for the children to follow steps.

  • I will demonstrate step by step how to draw the planned exercise on the Canvas Panel using graphite pencil.

  • Children will learn how to paint step by step?

  • While booking please let me know if you have a specific theme for the party I will design Painting exercise related to your party theme.

  • Painting Canvas Panel on the easel with their own paint pallets and paint brushes will provide children an unique painting experience.

  • Taking home their own painted Canvas Panel will be a distinctive return gift children will take home.

How many children?

A group of 15-20 children is recommended for Painting Party.


I work all over the Melbourne metropolitan area. I also go to Geelong, Frankston, Mornington Peninsula, Ballarat, Gisborne & surrounds but an extra driving cost will be charged.

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