Recycled Material Art

This two-hour workshop is focused on using recycled material and turning them into an amazing artwork. We are going to use paddle pop sticks, matchsticks, cardboard rolls, cardboard boxes, watercolors, markers, pastel colors and per-prepared stencils/cut-outs for gluing to create beautiful artwork which can be used at home or can be given as a gift. Our instructor will demonstrate how to use the various materials.

Required art material will be provided by us to use during the workshop. Children will take their creations home.

Mask Designing

Mask Designing is one of the popular craft activities we do for the children.

  • We use environmentally friendly biodegradable mask Paper Mache for this workshop.

  • Paper mache material makes it easier for the children to draw using a lead pencil.

  • Paper mache material also makes it easier for the children to colour them using colour pens, colour pencils and Acrylic paint.

Students will be inspired to use their artistic freedom to create their own unique design and style.

Baseball Cap Design

Let the children be the fashion designer for the day and design their own Baseball Cap.

  • Children will be shown a few designs ideas.

  • Children will be assisted and inspired to draw their own designs on paper.

  • Once their design is finalised. children will be provided with a Baseball cap to sketch their design on the Baseball cap.

  • Fabric Pastel, Fabric Pens and Fabric Paints will be provided to children.

  • Children can use any medium for colouring in their design.

Library Bag Design

Carry your things with style in your own designed Bag.

  • These bags are made from thick, great quality material and come with a comfortable handle.

  • Children can create a bag for any occasion.

  • Perfect to be used as library bags from carrying books, and carrying gifts during the festive season.

  • Fabric Pastels, Fabric Pens and Fabric Paint will be provided for colouring.

*Calico bags will be used for this workshop, please confirm bags dimension at the time of booking.

Apron Design

This workshop is best suited for younger children.

  • 100% Environmentally friendly single front pocket Calico Kids Apron with back ties of size: 58 * 30.5cm will be provided.

  • Children can create an Apron for any occasion.

  • Fabric Pens, Fabric Pastels and Fabric Paint will be provided for colouring.

Wooden Craft Incursion

A range of Wooden Craft Incursion is avaialable

  • Bird House Design

  • Wooden Desk Tidy

  • Wind Chimes

  • Santa Sleigh

  • Merry Christmas Plank

  • Wooden Butterfly Quilling and man more ...

  • Children will be provided be Colour Pencils, Colour Pens, Acrylic Paint, Glitter paint, sequins and glue.

Please contact at the time of booking the size of the wooden product.

Make your booking now contact me over the phone 0412 498 312 or filling an online inquiry form.