Cartooning Workshops

Cartooning Incursion

Irrespective of age, cartooning is always fun and learning to draw cartoons is one of the best ways to keep kids engaged and focused. We provide two-hour Cartooning classes covering various topics from basic cartooning, TV & Movies cartoons, Superhero's, Space ships, Aliens etc. Fun and interactive projects are designed according to the age and abilities of the attending groups. Please provide us with tables, chairs and we will take care of the rest.

Children will learn:

  • Creating cartoons using simple shapes and alphabet.

  • Storytelling is an important part of my incursion, children also learn how to create stories with their drawings?

Required art material will be provided by us to use during workshop. Children will take their artwork home.

Make your booking now contact me over the phone 0412 498 312 or filling an online inquiry form.